WHERE DO YOU deliver?

Nowa Nowa, Toorloo Arm, Lake Tyers Beach, Lake Bunga, Lakes Entrance, Kalimna, Kalimna West & Metung.

What days do you deliver?

Our delivery days will be Wednesdays & Fridays.

What are your order cut off days and TIMES?

  • Wednesday deliveries: Get your orders in by the previous Monday NOON.
  • Friday deliveries: Get your orders in by the previous Wednesday NOON.

IMPORTANT: For example if you put your order in at 12:30pm on Wednesday, your order wont be delivered until the following Wednesday.
If you put your order in at 11:30am it will be delivered on Friday.

When I buy flowers and gifts what delivery do I use, Local or Florist?

You can choose either. If you choose local then the delivery will occur on a Wednesday or Friday along with our usual deliveries. If you choose Florist (at the higher price) the delivery will occur next business day.

Where is your produce grown and/or produced?

Along with our own farm and kitchen we source quality local produce from East Gippsland and Wellington. We do our best to champion local small business and help spread the word that local is fresh and fresh is best.

Can we still order from you via TXT?

No, we are moving all sales to online.

Can we come to your farm gate to purchase direct?

No, not at this stage.


Yes and No. We spray only when we need to and is unavoidable. For your own assurance we have begun marking our produce in our store with two labels.

Not Sprayed: Meaning we have not sprayed these goods within the last 4 weeks.

Not Sprayed at all: Meaning this produce has not been sprayed in it's lifetime.


  • 45 Vogrigs Rd
  • Toorloo Arm, Victoria
  • 0404 489 752
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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